Imaging tests

Imaging tests

Companion Animal Computed Tomography (CT)

The first Computed Tomography scanner for use on companion animals in Thessaly has been installed in our clinic. With the multislice CT scanner we have, the examination is fast, accurate and safe.

MOST COMMON COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SCANS: Brain, Cranium, Nasal cavities, Teeth, Jaw, Cervical, Thyroid, Ribcage, Vessels, Abdomen, Bones, Joints, Pelvis, Spine, (3D-Angiography) Three-dimensional study of vessels for the discovery of portal anastomosis, (3D) Three-dimensional study of fractures, (3D) Three-dimensional study of airways

Colour Ultrasound

Nowadays another diagnostic weapon is ultrasonography and we have the ability to serve you with precision diagnoses. A qualified veterinary radiologist, faculty member of a veterinary school, makes all diagnoses at our center.

Digital Radiography

We also accept referrals for soft tissue and/or bone radiographic imaging. At the same time, in collaboration with specialized colleagues, we have the possibility of evaluating and grading elbows and tendons.

Endoscopy with inflexible or flexible endoscopes

The most common referral cases are for the removal of foreign bodies from the nasal cavity, oesophagus and/or stomach, imaging evaluation of the nasal cavity - oesophagus - stomach, and the performance of targeted biopsies.

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